Why Team United?

We believe a player who participates with Team United will receive the best possible coaching along with an opportunity to increase their Lacrosse IQ. All things needed for getting to the next level, whatever that “next level” is for a particular player.


  • When committing to Team United, it is fully expected that from early June to mid/end of July you are ALL IN!! What does “ALL IN” mean? Your Team United schedule and commitment take priority over any other lacrosse schedule or any other off season sport’s schedules during this time.
  • There may be some exceptions. An example of an acceptable reason to miss practice would be if you are a high school player who has an opportunity to attend a LACROSSE recruiting showcase during the week. These situations must be brought to your regional director and coaches attention for approval.
  • If you feel that these expectations are not realistic, please feel free to contact us before you commit. Communication is key!

When does the Travel Season Start and End?

Start: Early September
End: Mid November

Start: Early June
End: Mid/Late July

How many days a week do we practice?

  • Fall Season: Sunday practices leading up to the tournaments
  • Summer practice season starts with training camps (6 hours total per team) and after training camp we practice 2 days/week up until your last tournament

Where does Team United practice?

INDOORS: MOCO Sports Center, 1710 Highway 35, Oakhurst, NJ

OUTDOORS: Manahassett Creek Park, 536 Long Branch Ave, Long Branch,  NJ

How many people are on a team roster ?

Below are roster maximums. Each team is different, some may hit the max and some may not. We do not go over the following roster max for our teams.

Boys Team Roster

  • Attack 6
  • Midfield 9
  • FOGO 1
  • LSM 2
  • Defense 6
  • Goalie 2

How many tournaments do we play in?

  • 2-3 in the FALL
  • 4 in the SUMMER
  • United Lacrosse will do its best to make sure youth tournaments are in close proximity to your region.
  • This is “travel” lacrosse so you can expect to travel, especially the high school age group, where in some cases it is more important to get exposure than to stay local.

Playing time?

  • Team United plays no favorites; it plays the players who come out to each practice and tournament and put forth the maximum effort. That said, Team United is “pay for play” and ALL players are expected to receive fair but NOT always equal playing time.
  • Coaches evaluations of players will also effect playing time.

What if I have to miss practice?

  • We use TeamSnap as a form of communication.
  • If you are going to miss practice you must update your availability on TeamSnap AND let your coaches know WHY and WHEN you will miss practice.
  • Playing on a travel team requires a high level of commitment. At United we understand that things may come up. It is very important to understand that once the commitment is made, your coaches and teammates expect you to be at each practice and each tournament. Don’t Let Them Down!!
  • Please be aware that missed practices and tournaments may reflect playing time.

What if I miss tryouts?

Tryouts are held in July after your final tournament. If you cannot attend these tryouts you must still register online for tryouts AND contact United Lacrosse directly to arrange an alternate tryout.

Team United Coaches

United Lacrosse hires the most qualified coaches to lead their teams. Coaches are assigned to their teams after tryouts are complete. This process is to assure that both coaches and teams are the right fit. All of our coaches have played lacrosse. Many are still currently playing at the collegiate or professional level or coaching at the high school or collegiate level.

Recruiting Process

United Lacrosse helps our boy and girl players with the recruiting process. There is no additional charge for this guidance and results are not guaranteed. However, based on our past experience, the combined efforts of United Lacrosse and its players have proven to be successful.


Are standard operating procedure for most tournaments. United Lacrosse will provide you with all the necessary waivers for your summer season on your region’s webpage. Please make sure to complete waivers prior to each tournament. Depending on the tournament the waiver either needs to be completed online OR it is to be printed, completed and handed into to your coach prior to the tournament NOT your region’s director.

Will I need a US Lacrosse Membership Number?

  • ALL players are required to have a US Lacrosse Member ID. Please use the provided link to sign up and become a member. ALL players will need to do this first before registering to play with United Lacrosse.
  • http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership.aspx

What is the Team United Refund Policy?

  • There are NO Refunds!
  • In the case of a catastrophic injury, a conversation will need to take place.

Hotels & Travel

  • Parents and players are responsible for their own hotel and travel expenses. These items are not part of your Team United fee.
  • United Lacrosse will provide you with hotel suggestions.


  • Prior to the start of your season, you will have access to your team roster. You can use your team roster to get in touch with the families on your team to organize tailgates.
  • Parents will be responsible for organizing tailgates for each tournament so the players and their families can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere between games while recharging their bodies with some food and drink. United Lacrosse really appreciates all parents volunteering their efforts so our directors and coaches can focus on coaching the teams!

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Contact Information

Owner: Steve Carcaterra

Phone: 732-219-0556

Email: info@united-lacrosse.com

Mailing Address

United Lacrosse

PO Box 152

Little Silver, NJ 07739

Refund Policy: Our refund policy is none. Please carefully consider this prior to registering and paying for an event.