Shore Points Classic- High School & Youth Boys Tournament

JUNE 23, 2018



2019–2022– pure and mixed age groups (Rising Freshman through Rising Seniors) Play Saturday, JUNE 23, 2018 ($1495 per team)

LOCATION: Manahassett Creek Park- 536 Long Branch Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740


  • Mouth guards, gloves, arm pads and shoulder pads required
  • Tournament is in “running time” format; all penalties will be timeserving, 30 seconds or a minute. Penalties can be longer than 1 minute and/or “non-releasable” at referee’s discretion, just as in standard game play. Penalties begin on the official’s re-start.
  • Any fighting or disrespect towards an official will result in expulsion. The director will determine the length.
  • Man ball is played at all levels
  • Long Poles are permitted at all levels (4 poles)
  • The ref keeps the official score
  • Every team is guaranteed 3 Games
  • Only those that qualify for a playoff game get a 4th game
  • CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES: Best Record, Head to Head (If you played each other), goal differential, goals allowed, goals scored.


  • Games consist of two 21-minute ½’s
  • One long air horn blast starts the game and one long air horn will end the game
  • Refs keep time of the halves; 2 minute halftime
  • Refs keep the time on penalties and penalties are running time
  • Each team guaranteed 3 Games
  • Only those that qualify for a playoff game get a 4th game
  • NO time outs
  • Time will be kept at Tournament HQ
  • Sub on fly all levels
  • No mercy rule for all grade levels
  • 3 minute sudden death overtime will be played in case of a tie. Games can end in a tie after that


  • Games for Shore Points will be played with NJ High School rules
  • All clearing times are in effect (20 seconds to mid-line and 10 seconds to get it in the box)


  • There are no “rain dates” for  Shore Points.
  • If inclement weather causes a game stoppage (thunder or lightning) during the event, the following rules apply:
    • Play will stop until Tournament Director decides weather is suitable to resume playing
    • If delay is large, remainder of the game times may be shortened to get tournament back on schedule

Manahassett Creek Park- 536 Long Branch Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

  • There is plenty of parking in and around at Manahassett Creek Park Sports Complex-
  • Anything in GREEN is parking.
  • Parking is allowed on Long Branch Avenue BUT limited to one side (there are signs)
  • Please do NOT park on Bay Avenue (you will be towed if you do)
  • Tents can be put up in and around the complex but 2 spots we recommended are on the map
  • Players,Team Coaches, College Coaches, Trainers and Referees are the only people allowed on actual playing fields. There are plenty of bleachers and spaces to sit (or stand) throughout the complex overlooking the fields for spectators to watch games. It is a great facility!

Please complete the roster form below for each team. Do not use any other form. Rosters are due by June 6, 2018.

There are no waivers necessary for this tournament. This is a fully insured event.

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Phone: 732-219-0556


Mailing Address

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Refund Policy: Our refund policy is none. Please carefully consider this prior to registering and paying for an event.